Rakata develop & support many eCommerce shops from small businesses to multi-million pound turnover enterprises.  We specialise in taking world class open source eCommerce products and managing, developing and supporting them to meet your requirements.  As we also can write applications we are able to customise our products to be perfect for your needs but not compromising the shop or reducing all the functionality you get out of the box.

As always the best reference is a product actually working in the real world and this is no exception.  While the information below outlines all the features (and there are many) you can view a real on-line shop from Britain's largest motorcycle franchise at www.fowlers.co,uk/shop (More real examples are available on the 'Customers' page).


Our software is easy to use, affordable and secure! With our user friendly administration area you have the tools to design your shop and display your products exactly how you want them to be. Customers simply visit the shop, browse your products, add the items they want to their shopping cart, login/register and purchase the item(s).  You will then be informed of the purchase and simply ship the product.

Your online shop can work alone as a standalone ecommerce website in its own right, or if you already have an existing website we can easily integrate Rakata’s online shop into it so that your online store looks exactly like your existing website.

The on-line solution is a remotely hosted and supported solution meaning there is no additional hardware or software to procure, install and maintain.  In fact all you and your customers require to use the shop is an internet connection and web browser.

Easy to use and setup

You need no specialist experience to use 'Involve', the only skills you require are the ability to browse the internet (so you can access your online shop and our site) and some basic knowledge of getting images onto your computer (so you can upload images of your products on to your online shop).  Remember Rakata will provide all the user training and development you require.

On-line based not software based

The on-line shop is a web based system which means that you can access and update your online shop at anytime, on any computer, anywhere in the world. You have no need for any special software to be installed on your computer. It also means that any updates we make to the system are automatically reflected in your own online shop, this means that your online shop is always up to date and using the latest technology.

Specification & Key Features

The following is a list of key features that are provided:

  • Compatible with all major browsers.
  • Automatic web-based installation.
  • Unlimited number of products and categories.
  • Automatic setup of Sage Pay, Pay Pal & off-line (manual) credit card payment processing.
  • Support for dynamic images (five image per product).
  • Supports physical products as well as product downloads.
  • Web-based administration module.
  • Temporary and permanent shopping carts.
  • Secure transactions with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support.
  • Many shipping options including by weight, price, or destination.
  • Zone-based shipping options as well as a free shipping option as part of Order Totals Module.
  • Full VAT functionality for different products.
  • Incremental pricing within individual products.
  • Genuine kits where a number of products are grouped

All our ecommerce shops are optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as best as can be achieved once a shop goes live.  We however can also provide online marketing services once the shop is live to ensure that the shop is being found by the people that want to find you.