Driver Dashboard is a Rakata Technology owned and developed product, created for driving instructors up and down the length of Britain it allows instructors to manage all their driving instructor needs while removing the need for paper and messy administration. Driver Dashboard is not a smart phone application but a cloud computing solution meaning it can be accessed from almost any web enabled device.  The Driver Dashboard is compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android and modern Blackberry phones. 

From any of these devices you can manage pupils lessons,  makes notes and record relevant information on lessons, arrange the next lesson and then send a link to allow your pupil to view upcoming lessons appointments and even review your notes and recommendations from their previous lessons before there next lesson via the pupil portal.  If you use Driver Dashboard please let us know what you think of the application, suggestions for new functionality and of course where we can improve the current system.

If you want to see the solution for yourself simply go to and register. If you are on a mobile device visit

You do not need to be a qualified driving instructor, just click the register button and go for it.  Have a look around and lets us know what you think.  It's free to register and play with!

If you like the solution please let us know and if you think a solution like this might work for you or your business please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat.