Data stored on your servers is typically the most valuable business property within the organisation and requires adequate protection. For only 99p per GB per Month our online backup service you can protect your company servers with complete ease and automation. Whether you need to backup standard documents, Exchange & SQL databases, or entire server configurations for disaster recovery measures our online backup service is a one size fits all solution.

Save Money & Switch from Tapes to Online Backup

Reduce the overhead and possible human error of having to maintain a tape backup solution. Tapes should be replaced at least every year, stored in a vault or safe and taken offsite every day. Our online backup solution replaces the requirement of this overhead and daily role of changing tapes.

Secure, Encrypted transfer to our Data Center

Security is everything. Meeting military level standards your data is first compressed to ensure bandwidth usage is minimized during data transfer. Your data is then encrypted using a unique 256 bit encryption key configured by you, giving you the peace of mind your data cannot be accessed or decrypted by others.

Easily view/restore your data from our client and portal

Online backup is pointless without having the functionality to quickly and easily view or restore your data. Thankfully our online backup solution provides just that. Using the online backup client you have the ability to retrieve individual
files, revisions of files, entire folders or backup sets. WIth just a few clicks you can have your lost/damaged data or even failed server back to a consistent state with ease.

How much our online backup service costs

Our pricing is simple and we guarantee no hidden charges. You simply pay for the size of the backup which can range from 20MB over 20GB.