One-click user support

The virtual helpdesk is a one click icon that immediately connects the employee to a Rakata technician allowing both parties to discuss the problem and if necessary the Rakata technician will take control of the PC and fix immediately.  This process provides real customer satisfaction and minimizes the time taken to fix customer problems.  It also reduces the time your employees are not conducting core business and eliminates the need to contact the local IT expert.

Support for everything

From network support to remote backup and disaster recovery, we have flexible IT support solution to meet every budget and timeframe. Rakata operate 24 hours per day across the whole of the UK.  Below is a list of just some the services we provide:

  • Desktop support
  • Server support
  • Data Cable services
  • Installation services
  • Data Cable services
  • VPN & Remote services
  • Citrix solutions
  • Client/Server solutions
  • Lotus Domino support
  • MS Exchange support
  • Internet services
  • Portal Development and hosting
  • Application support
  • File & Print server support

Proactive infrastructure support

Rakata Technology has the people and the technology to ensure that your core infrastructure remains an asset you can rely on to deliver business value. Your IT infrastructure is the framework that allows your organisation to function. One major advantage of Rakata is our ability to provide proactive monitoring of your network and high quality remote support through our iRakata application suite. Rakata proactively monitor all key hardware infrastructure 24/7 meaning we will identify and resolve infrastructure problems often before you even realise they have occurred.