Email is changing, or at least the method by which you consume and engage with Exchange.  For years it was likely that you got your IT guy or hired an IT service provider to install an Exchange Server in your office and you were good to go.  The server worked well for a long time and you had few problems.

The model worked well for years but times have changed.  Factors such as licensing, end of life support and changing contract terms have ensured that unless you are a very large company purchasing a traditional server with an exchange license is no longer a viable option.  Therefore what do you do?  One option to consider would be to give us a call and we can provide your Exchange Hosting for you. 

We are an accredited re-seller of the UK's largest Exchange provider - MessageStream.  You get all the value and security which you expect but a phone number where you can call a human in the UK to assist with any questions, undertake the setup, any migration and troubleshoot any problems.  We do this for many customers who value great service with support only a phone call away and a supplier they can trust.  There is no minimum contract or number users and you will speak to us before we do anything to ensure anything we do works for you.

So what do you get with our hosted Exchange?

Industry-leading 50GB mailboxes with the lowest reseller price.
We provide your clients with a huge 50GB mailbox capacity and match it with the lowest re-seller price, making good business sense for your IT support company.

Hosted Exchange is the fastest growing sector of cloud computing.
Collaboration, communication and management is at the core of any business. Hosted Exchange allows your clients to do this securely, efficiently and effectively no matter where they are.

If you are interested to find out more please do not hesitate to contact us.

Services Included
NEW: Massive 50GB mailbox per user   Included
UNBEATABLE: No minimum contract, simply pay-as-you-go   Included
UK-based servers, UK-based expert support, UK-based business   Included
CLASS-LEADING: Dual datacentres, triple hosted mailboxes   Included
Inclusive Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection   Included
Inclusive Active-Sync for your smartphone and tablets   Included
Secure access from anywhere using Outlook and Outlook Web Access   Included
Fast mailbox sync with desktop, web, smartphones and tablets   Included
SECURE: TLS/SSL encryption available on all inbound and outbound email traffic   Included