Our services include application development, application design, IT support & hosting and consultancy. A key element to differentiate ourselves is our extensibility across different platforms. We are not tied or limited to a single technology but provide development across many platforms.

Rakata Technology provides a number of companies with IT support & services.  We differentiate ourselves by providing pro-active support and value-add benefits to the customer.  Not only do we support all systems, servers and applications that a customer may have but provide technical help and expertise to all employees via our virtual helpdesk.

Rakata Technology has the skills to design, write, develop, test and implement applications based on a customer's requirements.  Rakata develop specific business applications for a number of customers and are proficient in the following technologies.

System and Application Integration for small to medium sized companies. 

Rakata Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides companies with the functions and business processes necessary to efficiently manage and develop all aspects of the most critical business relationships, those with the customer and the prospective customer.

Want professional Exchange hosting in the UK with a phone number to call when you have a query.  We have it..

If you want a reliable business online backup service then Rakata will likely have a solution that meets your requirements.  Our customers realise just how important their data is and trust us to manage it. We also understand how important your data is and take your backups very seriously.